Terms and conditions

Last updated 21 May 2022

These terms and conditions govern your use of the application "Pixelliott". Pixelliott trade marks, copyright and other intellectual property rights belong to Pixelliott LTD.

Breach of these terms and conditions may result in the immediate termination of your account.

Uploading photos

All photos that are uploaded to Pixelliott will contribute to your storage allowance. As part of the free trial, you will receive a minimum of 1 GB of storage. You will be unable to upload more than your allowance. You can upgrade / downgrade your storage allowance at any time by managing your plan.

Users should only upload photos to Pixelliott that they either own or have equivalent rights and copyrights. Photos should be available for licencing, i.e. the photos haven't been designated for the public domain. Photos shouldn't be uploaded if you break an agreement with another party. By uploading a photo to Pixelliott, you give Pixelliott permission to analyse, modify and display the photo on your behalf.

Pixelliott reserves the right to be able to edit any information without prior contact.

Pixelliott uses machine learning to help provide its services. Pixelliott cannot be held responsible for the outcome of machine learning services.

Explicit content

If explicit content is uploaded onto Pixelliott, it will be blurred to ensure that Pixelliott is safe for everyone.

Explicit content cannot currently be sold or purchased through Pixelliott.

Pixelliott is committed to being efficient as possible to ensure a good experience and reserve the right to make changes at any time.

Pixelliott cannot be held responsible for any errors that occur. Errors that are found, should be reported to dev@pixelliott.co.uk with a description of the problem.

Pixelliott has made every effort to being secure and cannot be held responsible in a data breach.

If you create an account, to maintain the security on your account, it is your responsiblity to:

  • choose a unique and secure password when creating an account
  • enable two factor authentication on your account
  • sign out of publicly accessed computers after use

If you use Pixelliott with internet access enabled on your device, you should be aware that your agreement with your network provider applies. You may be charged by your network provider for any data transferred across the internet and you accept responsiblity for any charges. If you are not the bill payer, then you should consult with the bill payer before using Pixelliott. If you are unsure about charges you may incur by accessing the internet, then you should contact your network provider.

You must not intentionally misuse Pixelliott by spamming or hacking.

At any time we may wish to stop providing Pixelliott and terminate use of it without giving any notice of termination to you. Unless we tell you otherwise, upon termination, the rights and licenses granted to you in this Terms and Conditions will end and you must stop using Pixelliott and if applicable, delete it from your device.


If you have any queries about this document, contact dev@pixelliott.co.uk